Name: Susie Lola

Age: 24

Preferred pronoun: She/Her

Location: London

Tik Tok handle: @susiel0la

Followers: 17.6K

Likes: 1.1M

Instagram handle: @susiegarvie

Followers: 33.2K

Youtube: @susielola

Subscribers: 65.3K

How does Susie describe her content?
“I love editing with Adobe software because of my Art & Design Bachelors, to create unique and engaging editing through a fashion focused lens.
My content aims to inspire people to dress outside the box, with a sustainable mindset and a focus on small brands.”

Fun Fact:
Susie is founder of art collective “Slosh”, which curates exhibitions on design, interiors and film. She also hosts vintage re sale pop up’s across London.